#1 Komunita pro metalisty
#1 Komunita pro metalisty
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You never know....

Věk 51 z Kansas City, Missouri Online - Včera
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Healing touch, looking for someone who doesn't think that I am to much

Where is my sexy long-haired man

Věk 49 z Livonia, Michigan Online - 4 dní zpátky
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I want to dress trashy AF and take an offensively young date to The Whitney. After we get kicked out we can wind down the evening seeing Obituary at the Fillmore.

Pagan bassplaying knukklehead

Věk 52 z Bennington, New Hampshire Online - Dnes
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no drama ! looking for friendship in metal ! No screamo or death metal. Supporter of the 2nd & # 45. long hair preferred .Scorpio .same age. or close to it


Věk 28 z Tampa, Florida Online - Před 2 týdny
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✔ College Student with a job ✔ Dont smoke or drink ✔ Love to travel, love the outdoors, Love Florida ✔ CONSTANT alt,metal,punk concertgoerr ✔ Tattoos, piercings and always bright hair ✔ Lazy but Cuddly ✔ Minimalist ✖ Picky eater but I love to...

Looking for a concert buddy who's hotLol

Věk 48 z Grand Island, Nebraska Online - Včera
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I am a down to earth goofball. I can be Spontaneous but I also like the quiet times too. I'll put it this way...I'm starting my own business while the other day I bought a pair of skates..and the wheels light up! Lol. I can't help it. I'm just me.

Let's make beautiful music together.

Věk 51 z Brooklyn, New York Online - Včera
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I am fun loving, open and available. I love concerts, making music, writing songs. Love 80s metal, classic rock. I'm looking forward to connecting with my metal man who has a similar background and is available and open to having a relationship...

Who's your favorite 80s Metal Band???

Věk 44 z Scranton, Pennsylvania Online - 1 týden zpátky
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Just ask I hate... too much to type bit hey what 40 characters so here is 40

I love people who can make me laugh. 🦇

Věk 40 z Old Saybrook, Connecticut Online - 6 dní zpátky
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Hi, I’m Julie. I am 40 years old. My zodiac sign is Gemini.

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