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Најбољи сајт за упознавање металаца
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Home body looking for company

Године 46 из Atlanta, Georgia На мрежи - пре 3 дан(а)
Жена Тражим Мушкарца (Удаљеност 525 миља)

Home body who loves horror movies and the occasional show. I’m pretty happy just chilling on the couch watching a horror movie, having a martini and snuggling or playing a board game. I do love live music, but I hate big arenas. At my last Slayer...

I need a concert partner.

Године 48 из Oconomowoc, Wisconsin - На мрежи Сада
Жена Тражим Мушкарца (Удаљеност 637 миља)

I'm am a mom, but my kids are grown. I work hard. Looking for someone to travel and see concerts. Disk golfer would be cool.

I'm looking for new friendships

Године 43 из Gainesville, New York На мрежи - пре 3 дан(а)
Жена Тражим Мушкарца (Удаљеност 251 миља)

I am quiet until I feel comfortable with you, I love tattoos and music. I just got out of a long marriage and just want to find like minded guy to have some fun with

I like going to shows

Године 34 из Hagerstown, Maryland На мрежи - Пре више од 2 недеља
Жена Тражим Мушкарца (Удаљеност 43 миља)

I'm a goth girl. I like heavy metal music i like going to shows

Good girl looking for a honest man

Године 50 из Airmont, New York На мрежи - Пре више од 2 недеља
Жена Тражим Мушкарца (Удаљеност 229 миља)

Looking for Adventurous,Honest man and knows how to communicate and doesn’t act like a child when they don’t get their own way. Someone that’s affectionate but not clingy. And will make time for me doesn’t have to be a lot of time I like quality...

Love to smile have fun concerts my bike

Године 54 из Atlanta, Michigan На мрежи - Пре више од 2 недеља
Жена Тражим Мушкарца (Удаљеност 534 миља)

Down to earth love to laugh and have fun. Concerts my bikes water activities. I'm straight up, no reason to lie so please don't waste my time

Music and outdoors are my passions.

Године 55 из Iowa City, Iowa На мрежи - Данас
Жена Тражим Мушкарца (Удаљеност 762 миља)

I love being outside if it’s hiking, kayaking or listening to music. I grew up on 80’s hair bands and while I like all kinds of music I’m a bit of a metal head. I need some who shares my love of nature and music.

Unique and Different

Године 45 из Massillon, Ohio На мрежи - Пре више од 2 недеља
Жена Тражим Мушкарца (Удаљеност 246 миља)

Looking for someone who wants to have fun and excitement but still have a sensitive and emotional side. Not all about the party but not all about the home body. Love a muscular build, not to much, just right. TATTOOS!! must have!! Just down for me...

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